Core Values

School Traditions

These traditions are little things in themselves. Enforced from outside they lose their value. The desire to observe them must come from within, should be whole-hearted and genuine, and only then can one's character fully blossom.

  1. To be always friendly with each other
  2. To ensure decency in manners, talk and behaviour at all times
  3. To accept whatever work is assigned to, as sacred duty and accomplish with dogged determination
  4. To help any incapacitated/ aged/ challenged visitor in the school premises
  5. To stand up and wish when any teacher or visitor enters or leaves the classroom or met with in the school premises. Equally, parents met with in the school are also to be wished
  6. To be generous and manifest sportsman-like spirit at all times
  7. To protect school property such as school library, class library, laboratories and also respect the rights of other students using them
  8. To maintain the aesthetic beauty and cleanliness of the school premises and report damages observed, if any
  9. To help the under privileged student friends
  10. To be sincere, hardworking and organised
  11. To be not discouraged by failures- they are pillars for your success.


School Vision

Universal Model Sr. Sec. School has the motto “ A perfect amalgamation of traditional values and modernity” and is here with an aim of inculcating strong cultural values in our children by shaping their intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual senses. We believe that each and every child has an inherent aptitude and talent which can be nurtured and nourished by providing him/her suitable environment and opportunity.

Our mission is to make such efforts that would help the needy children of this rural area to emerge as successful professional in the various fields of learning. We are here to provide all kind of educational facilities to such students who aspires high but can’t avail good opportunities due to financial conditions.

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Admission open for 2018

parent reflections

We were surprised when Suhani explained to us the respiratory and digestive systems.It was taught to her wonderfully at school using visual aids.
Thanks a lot!

Parent of Suhani Bijlani, Foundation A

Ayush knows his poems and the national anthem really well. He asks for permission before doing someting. He also enjoys yoga at school and practices those asanas at home as well.

Parent of Ayush Kapoor

When we were dealing with a unit on communication, Sanika inquired how plants and animals communicate. We were surprised as it was not included in the topic. This showed that she reflected being an enquirer.

Parent of Sanika, Grade 2

My daughter taught her cousins and friends about articles, vowels and rhymes during her summer vacation. Even taught me the ascending and descending order using our family tree as an example. She also teaches our maid English conversation skills like 'How are you?', 'I am fine', etc.

Mother of Samruddhi Gupta

My daughter has shown positive development thanks to the training and learning she is receiving at school. She is willing to help people, she even helps me and her father in our everyday activites. It is amazing to see how she is practically applying her learnings from school in her daily life. We are quite happy with her conduct and would like to sincerely thank her teachers and the entire management.

Mother of Urja Kothari

The one page handwriting practice from the Newspaper is very helpful. Not only does it help my son improve his handwriting, but it also makes him aware of what is happening in the world. He chooses his favorite news each day and practices.

Mother of Ayush, PYP 4A

I would like to thank you and appreciate your hardwork, support and understanding towards my daughter. The inquiry fair held at the school was excellent. I found Geona to be very confident and smart when she was performing at the fair. Thank you for giving her this opportunity and showing faith in her.

Mother of Geona, 1-B

My son spoke on topics taught at school without any hesitation. This shows that he has understood these topics well. I am very happy with my son's progress. Thank you.

Mother of Dhruv Shah