Based on what many parents have asked us, we have put together a set of FAQs for you.

Do go through them and if you have any question that we haven’t answered here, do feel free to get in touch with us.

How does CBSE education compare HBSE?

Board in Haryana like HBSE is always theory oriented. Students of these boards read from books, memorize the answers and get good marks.

CBSE focuses on holistic learning, intercultural awareness and enhancement of communication skills. More importance is given to languages, arts and humanities at a higher level

CBSE has international curriculum where subjects are taught in an integrated way in order to avoid a fragmented approach. CBSE has a different approach where there are no or few textbooks. Students are free to explore the world

Its main focus is on 'how to learn' rather than 'what to learn'. 

CBSE examinations test student's knowledge and not their memory and speed

Why should I select an Universal School
education for my child?

Recognised in CBSE

  • CBSE Examinations is recognised as a Class X  and XII examination by all Indian national and state boards.
  • Many international universities prefer students trained in the thinking style of education. International programmes give students an edge during the college admission process. Additionally, most universities in North America give credit for subjects taken at the A levels and IB Higher Level (HL), giving students the benefit of saving one semester or more at the university. This translates into saving substantial money and time in tuition and accommodation costs. Some schools in UK such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College London and University College of London only accept students with CBSE A level qualifications. 
  • CBSE is fast becoming the programme of choice for Indian students preparing to pursue higher education abroad. Some universities even offer scholarships.
  • University admissions around the world are getting competitive by the day. Admission officers are increasingly looking for other evidence that a student will succeed in the university, such as exposure to quality curriculum, research abilities, international outlook and social service - all enhanced by CBSE.
  •  Globe trotting parents and business folks will find CBSE Schools ideal for their children as this system is present around the world and their children will be able to continue their CBSE education in other countries

Focus on all-round development of your child

  • CBSE programmes are more practical and application-based and have a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development and are more challenging than Indian educational boards and test student knowledge, not their memory and speed.
  • The CBSE CCE is universally reputed for rigorous assessment. This gives students access to the top colleges and universities in India and the world.
  • The CBSE curriculum equips students with the tools needed to succeed in higher education, such as self-confidence, preparedness, research skills, organisational skills and being actively engaged in own learning
  • Jobs in a fast moving information-overwhelmed age require thinking style of education to succeed. CBSE equips your child for this,

“I have a job with prospects of overseas postings.When I migrate to some other country, I don't want my child's education to suffer. Hence I have opted for CBSE Curriculum.”

Your child will be exposed to very innovative learning methodologies compared to traditional systems of State and Central Boards

  1. In CBSE, the emphasis is laid on developing critical thinking, analytical skills, communication skills, investigative abilities, problem solving techniques, team work, independent research and other qualities valued by all international universities
  2. Students can select courses according to their interest in the subjects of science, humanities, languages, mathematics
  3. The courses also provide your child with an opportunity to mix these subjects with components of fine arts, visual arts, theatre, technical drawing, music, film making, community service, etc
  4. A small class size in CBSE [at Universal Model Sr. Sec. School it’s 25 students] fosters interactive teaching
  5. The CBSE curriculum emphasises the physical, psychological, intellectual and social development of your child
  6. The overall atmosphere in the school is international, with your child and the teacher are equals in a stress-free teaching methods
  7. in CBSE, the focus on all round development rather than pure academic performance


What do we mean by CBSE qualification and recognition?

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Education Programme (CIE) are qualifications accepted by higher educational institutions in India and abroad and future employers across the world.

Universal Model Sr. Sec. School offers two well-designed, internationally accepted curricula from CBSE.

CBSE programmes start at the age of 3 to 17 years and are offered as:

  • Early Years (Playgroup to Sr KG)
  • Primary Years ( Grade 1 to 5)
  • Middle Years (MYP – Grade 6 to 10),
  • And Senior  ( Grade 11 and 12)

CBSE Examinations starts from the age of 11-17 years

Why should your child opt for CBSE A Level?

CBSE are recognized by our national and international universities and are Pohapular among international students who aim at specializations in subjects offered by universities world over.

What that simply means is that your child will be totally prepared for entering Universities abroad or in India with these qualifications. What's more, these qualifications will also give him/her an edge in employment as employers recognize and value these qualifications.

What is the admission procedure?

In 4 easy steps, we assist you to entrust us your future explorers, and knowledge creators.

Our admission process involves,

  1. You visit the School and answer a surve to observe our learning environment, speak with our officers, get your queries answered
  2.  You submit an application form for curriculum/grade to which you wish to admit your child giving all relevant details about the child
  3. We interview, interact and assess your child’s learning abilities on a given date before short listing for admission
  4. You pay the registration fees and the admission is complete. 

What is the age criteria for admission?

  • Universal
    maintains an age criteria for students,
  • Playgroup starts at 1.5 years to below 2.5 years 
  • Nursery is 2.5 years to below 3.5 years 
  • Jr KG is 3.5 years to below 4.5 years
  • Sr KG is 4.5 years to 5.5 years
  • Grade 1 is 5.5 years to 6.5 years

These age criteria to be reckoned as on 31st March of the relevant academic year

What is the optimum number of students per class?

Universal Model Sr. Sec. School maintains an optimum pupil-teacher ratio of 15:1

What are my child’s school timings?

  • Summers : 8:00 am to 2:30 pm
  • Winters    : 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Students interested in specializing in any language or games / sports are given specialized coaching in extra hour.

Will my child go through a stressful exam curriculum?

  • We prepare your child for a life beyond education and employment
  • We never expose your child to stress or pressure him/her to obtain marks
  • Our students are prepared for competitive programmes offered by International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
  • We evaluate the IB curriculum through our standard internal assessment
  • CIE conducts its own examinations for every academic year.
  • We also offer higher English language diploma course of the British Council
  • We deploy internationally reputed agencies to conduct sports/ games 

How do I get more involved with my child’s education at school?

  • You can participate actively and know more about Universal Model Sr. Sec. School activities, events, notices, and examinations online
  • Universal Model Sr. Sec. School conduct parent's orientation programs in the beginning of the academic year. We invite parents for workshops and seminars at regular intervals. This gives you an opportunity to interact with us, other parents and teachers.
  • We offer one-to-one meet between parent and teacher for every child and also organise open day inviting parents.
  • We invite parents in “My Subject Knowledge Exhibition’ to know fully about their children

How do I pay fees?

  • We process electronic payments, cheques, demand drafts.
  • We facilitate NRI admissions with the help of a guardian.
  • Our admission calendar begins in November for the next academic year.
  • We also offer scope for cash payment through our banker located in school campus. 

What are the documents required in order to secure admission in your school?

Nursery to Grade 1, the documents required are Original birth certificate, Medical certificate, with specific mention of ailments, if any. Copy of previous year academic report, if not fresher

3 photos of student and 2 photos of each parent

Grade 2 to Grade 12, the documents required are Copy of birth certificate, Medical certificate, as to ailment if any. Attested copies of previous year's academic report, preferably 3 years, Original previous school leaving certificate, 3 photos of student, and 2 photos of each parent

When in doubt, ask. Clarify. We are here to help you through the process from applications, and enrolments to final placements. We look forward to answering all your questions.

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Admission open for 2018

parent reflections

We were surprised when Suhani explained to us the respiratory and digestive systems.It was taught to her wonderfully at school using visual aids.
Thanks a lot!

Parent of Suhani Bijlani, Foundation A

Ayush knows his poems and the national anthem really well. He asks for permission before doing someting. He also enjoys yoga at school and practices those asanas at home as well.

Parent of Ayush Kapoor

When we were dealing with a unit on communication, Sanika inquired how plants and animals communicate. We were surprised as it was not included in the topic. This showed that she reflected being an enquirer.

Parent of Sanika, Grade 2

My daughter taught her cousins and friends about articles, vowels and rhymes during her summer vacation. Even taught me the ascending and descending order using our family tree as an example. She also teaches our maid English conversation skills like 'How are you?', 'I am fine', etc.

Mother of Samruddhi Gupta

My daughter has shown positive development thanks to the training and learning she is receiving at school. She is willing to help people, she even helps me and her father in our everyday activites. It is amazing to see how she is practically applying her learnings from school in her daily life. We are quite happy with her conduct and would like to sincerely thank her teachers and the entire management.

Mother of Urja Kothari

The one page handwriting practice from the Newspaper is very helpful. Not only does it help my son improve his handwriting, but it also makes him aware of what is happening in the world. He chooses his favorite news each day and practices.

Mother of Ayush, PYP 4A

I would like to thank you and appreciate your hardwork, support and understanding towards my daughter. The inquiry fair held at the school was excellent. I found Geona to be very confident and smart when she was performing at the fair. Thank you for giving her this opportunity and showing faith in her.

Mother of Geona, 1-B

My son spoke on topics taught at school without any hesitation. This shows that he has understood these topics well. I am very happy with my son's progress. Thank you.

Mother of Dhruv Shah